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Local Doll Maker Meets Marie Osmond

Meeting Marie Osmond in Las Vegas on my birthday!

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Born and raised in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin she began her passion for making dolls by what turned out to be a chance stop. Jane would always pass by this pink house in Mukwonago, on her way to visit her friend Wendy in Big Bend, WI. Everytime she drove past this big pink house, it was closed. One day as she drove past this little doll shop, to her delight the shop was open. This is where the story begins...

Jane stopped in and met with the store owner, Liz, who later became her teacher and mentor. Under her careful guidance and teaching, Jane learned the fine art of dollmaking. From sculpting, to pouring the molds, to firing, painting and assembling. The careful painstaking detail that is necessary when handpainting the eyelashes, eyebrows, lips and fingernails to mounting eyes and attaching wigs. Jane has continued to grow and develop her creativity through her original designs that are known as Custom Creations by Jane.


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