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Local Doll Maker Meets Marie Osmond

Meeting Marie Osmond in Las Vegas on my birthday!

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Custom Creations by Jane

This website is solely dedicated to the art of custom designed original porcelain dolls and clothing based on the artistic concepts of Jane P. Sorenson.

All doll and clothing designs found on this website are original, one-of-a-kinds and all rights are reserved by the artist.

Each doll is created from start to finish by Jane P.Sorenson. The doll-making process is a very labor intensive process, beginning with the initial design concept and evolving to the final finish product. Design conception typically includes the selection of doll face and body style, color of eyes (i.e. blue, green, brown, gray, etc.), eyelashes, wig (i.e. short, medium, long, straight, curly, etc.), flesh color, fingernails, clothing and finally all accessories. Once the basic structure of the doll has been decided, the process of creation may begin. Jane makes all of her original Custom Creations from start to finish, from the selection of greenware, pouring the molds, firing each piece, finishing to final assembly. Every doll is then custom-fitted with individually designed clothing by Jane. All accessories are then selected and/or made by the artist that are appropriate to the doll theme. It is not uncommon for it to take several months for the full completion of each doll.

Every doll comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity" and is signed by the artist.


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