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Local Doll Maker Meets Marie Osmond

Meeting Marie Osmond in Las Vegas on my birthday!

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Custom Creations by Jane

Below is a representation of the original works created by Jane P. Sorenson. All of the dolls shown below have been "retired", unless otherwise noted.

Anne - (Green Gables)
Diana - (Green Gables)
Gilbert - (Green Gables)
Bonnie (Best Electric)
Princess Amber

1880's China Head Doll

1920's Flapper Doll

Kaitlyn-Scottish Hylands
Kayla (Junior Girl Scout)
Mein Liebling
Cherry Ames - Nurse
Sacagawea (Historic)
Karolina (Polish) - Front
Karolina (Polish) - Back
Katarina (Jamaican)
Sara Crewe (A Little Princess)
Lemonade Stand Doll
Kaity & her doll
Tori's Doll (Custom)
Tori & her doll

Photo Gallery